Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th August 2023 Written Update

TMD 5th August 2023 Written Update: Star Plus TV Serial Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th August 2023 Written Update Episode By Tellytoday.in

Welcome to Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 5th August 2023, Where we bring you the latest events and dramatic twists from the popular Indian television drama series.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th August 2023 Written Update Episode

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update
Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

TMD Written Update 5th August 2023: In the last episode of Teri Meri Dooriyan aired on August 5, 2023, the tension builds as Sahiba desperately searches for her missing friend Simran.

The episode starts with Sahiba getting scared when she can’t see Simran in the room. As Sahiba shouts his name, her worry increases when she doesn’t see any trace of Simran.

Soon Sahiba rushes to the living room and informs everyone about Simran’s disappearance. Confused and worried, the family members turn their attention to Sahiba.

Simran’s brother Angad asks about the situation and Sahiba shares her fear that Simran might be caught and thinks the culprit could be someone in the Brar room

Initially shocked by this news, Angad advises Sahiba to search the house again, hoping that Simran is still somewhere.

TMD Written Update 5th August 2023

But Sahiba’s nervousness and suspicion towards the family members makes her think that one of her own could kidnap Simran.

Family members respond differently to stressful situations. Simran’s father Inder looks heartbroken over the news of his daughter’s possible arrest.

Manveer, whose demeanor is calm, seems unfazed, while Seerat looks surprisingly calm.

As the action progresses, the mystery behind Simran’s disappearance deepens. The question of who is behind his burial remains unanswered, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

TMD 5th August 2023 Written Update

In the upcoming episodes, all eyes will be on Manveer as he had made cryptic statements about Sahiba’s cheating experience earlier. Whether his claims will be true and whether he is involved in Simran’s abduction will be an important plot point to watch.

The story takes a dramatic turn, leaving the audience curious and eager to know the truth behind Simran’s disappearance and its possible connection with Sahiba’s past As the drama progresses, viewers is looking forward to a lot of adaptations to be drawn by Teri Meri Dooriyan.

Tune in to the next episode to uncover the secrets and revelations of this thrilling tale of love, betrayal and secrets.

If you want to watch the full episode of TMD, you can visit hotstar.com.


In today’s Article, TMD 5th August 2023 Written Update Episode,” we witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions and pivotal moments that left us on the edge of our seats. The storyline took unexpected twists and turns, keeping us engrossed throughout.

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