Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast (Star Maa), Timing, Actors, Wiki & More

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast, Intiki Deepam Illalu Actors Name, Intiki Deepam Illalu Time, Intiki Deepam Illalu Actors Salary, Etc.

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast: “Intiki Deepam Illalu” is a well-liked TV program in the Telugu language, broadcasted on Star Maa channel.

This show began on March 8, 2021, and it’s a version of the program called “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya,” which was shown on Star Plus.

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast

The story is about a nice and uncomplicated girl named Krishna. The key actors in the TV show are Shiva Kumar, Dhanya Deepika, Rajashri Nair, and Priyanka Chowdhary.

If you want to find out more about the cast of the Intiki Deepam Illalu TV series on Star Maa, the plot, the real names of the actors, when the show airs, and other information about this family drama, just keep reading!

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast Star Maa, Timing, Wiki & More

NameIntiki Deepam Illalu
ChannelStar Maa
Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast Star Maa

“Intiki Deepam Illalu” is a TV series in the Telugu language. It’s actually a remake of a popular Hindi show called “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.”

In the series, Dhanya Deepika plays the role of Krishna, who is a simple and kind woman. Unfortunately, her stepmother and stepsister are not very nice to her.

Krishna’s husband is Manohar, played by Shivakumar. He is a loving and supportive partner. There are other characters in the show like Rajshri Nair, Maheswari Devi, Manoj, Niharika, and Girish who play supporting roles.

The series tells the story of Krishna as she faces difficulties and works to find happiness. It’s a story about love, family, and the strength of hope.

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast (Main Cast):

  1. Shiva Kumar as Manohar.
  2. Dhanya Deepika as Krishna.
  3. Rajshri Nair as Maheshwari Devi.
  4. Satya Sameera as Varshini.

Shiva Kumar as Manohar


Dhanya Deepika as Krishna


Rajshri Nair as Maheshwari Devi


Satya Sameera as Varshini


Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast & Crew

ProducerYepuru Srinadh
Padmini Nadella
Directed byRavi nagpuri
ComposerYet to be updated
ConceptYet to be updated
StoryYet to be updated
Production HouseSri shirdi sai productions
DialogueYet to be updated
EditorHarikrishna Bandla

Intiki Deepam Illalu Serial Cast: Characters and Story

The serial starts with the tale of a newlywed couple, Krishna Manohar and Krishnapriya. Krishna is a rich man who usually gets what he wants. He’s a bit full of himself and doesn’t treat his wife with much love.

In contrast, Krishnapriya is a gentle and kind woman from a modest background. She may not have had much formal education or sophistication, but she’s smart and compassionate. She loves Krishna deeply, even though he doesn’t seem to care much about her.

The story unfolds as the couple navigates their differences and the various challenges that life throws at them.

Now, let’s dive deeper into each character:

Krishna Manohar: He’s a wealthy businessman who’s used to having things his way. He’s arrogant and thinks that women are not equal to him. He married Krishnapriya because he was attracted to her looks, but he doesn’t really love her.

Krishnapriya: She’s a gentle and kind woman who comes from a less fortunate background. She may not have a fancy education or style, but she’s intelligent and caring. She genuinely loves Krishna, but it hurts her that he doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

The story follows this couple as they try to make their marriage work. Krishna’s arrogance and pride strain their relationship, but Krishnapriya’s kindness and patience eventually soften his heart.

Along the way, the couple faces various challenges, but they manage to overcome them and find happiness together.

Intiki Deepam Illalu Time

Show NameIntiki Deepam Illalu
ChannelStar Maa
Show TimingsMonday to Saturday, 06:30 pm
Repeat Telecast TimeYet to be updated
Running Time22 Minutes
Starting Date8th March 2021
Final EpisodeOngoing
Intiki Deepam Illalu Time

“Intiki Deepam Illalu, a family drama, premiered on March 8, 2021. You can catch this show every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm on Star Maa.

If you can’t watch it on TV, you can also stream it on the Hotstar+Disney OTT platform.”


Q. What is real name of intiki deepam illalu serial rashi?

Ans: Neema Singh Rajput.

Q. Who is the main cast of intiki deepam illalu serial?

Ans: Shiva Kumar as Manohar, Dhanya Deepika as Krishna, Rajshri Nair as Maheshwari Devi.


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