Anupama Twist: Anupama Written Update 12th July 2023 Episode Today

Anupama Twist: Anupama Written Update 12th July 2023 Episode Today – TellyToday

Anupama Written Update 12th July 2023: The doctor tells the younger sister that he gave the younger sister a sedative, which put her to sleep.

However, he expresses the concern of continuing this approach and emphasizes the need to remove the child from trauma as soon as possible.

Anupama Written Update
Anupama Written Update

Pakhi suggests that Anuj should consider calling Anupama, but he hesitates as she doesn’t want to stop him in his journey.

Pakhi points out that Anupama’s flight is only seven hours away. Guruma believes that these seven hours are crucial.

Anupama Written Update 12th July 2023 Episode Today

Anupama talks about the importance of the seven vows she took when she married Nakula. He says that this oath is a symbol of mutual support in seven lifetimes, but he has decided to part with his younger brother in the next seven hours In his sleep, little Anu cries for and the mother.

Anupama comes home, where Kant tells her that he has collected all the items after much deliberation. Bhavesh jokingly says that they are like a typical middle-class family, getting ready at 6 am for 6 pm.

Kant explains that they have accumulated everything except their emotional baggage and demands that they give it up. Anupama asks about Bhairavi, Kant tells her that he is at Gurukula and has arranged to meet Nakul Guruma directly at the airport.

Anupama excuses herself to make herself comfortable, and Kanta and Bhavesh get emotional, realizing that she is about to leave. Soon after, she gets a serious phone call from her lover.

The younger brother, overwhelmed with emotion over his younger brother’s condition, cannot bear to see his daughter in such a state. He looks at his phone and walks away. Ankush asks her where is she going.

Anupama Written Update 12th July 2023

Meanwhile, Anupama gets ready and asks her lover to make her tea before leaving, as it is only three hours left. Leela offers her tea and says that it was brought with her lover’s permission. Kavya and Kinjal come to bid him a fond farewell.

Anupama shares that she had a video call with Hasmukh and Samar. Leila assures her that they understand what they mean. They all express their feelings of recollection and share lighter moments.

Leela asks Anupama to enjoy the tea and give her thoughts. Anupama praises it as the best tea and admits that she can’t taste the tea that Leela has prepared in America. He frantically checks his phone, waiting for his little brother to call.

Anupama Written Update

Overwhelmed by the condition of little Anu, the younger brother broke down completely. Ankush tries to console her, but Anuj says no medicine works for Little Anu. She expresses concern about her helplessness and what will happen if something unpleasant happens.

The younger brother feels overwhelmed with anxiety and starts breaking things. Ankush and others try to calm her down.

More suggests that Anupama inform Laghu Anupaya’s condition, while Anuj is struggling to cope with Maya’s death, Laghu Anupay’s condition and Anupama’s departure but Anuj insists that he doesn’t want to hinder Anupama’s success.

Anupama Written Update Episode Today

Ankush raises a concern as to who will take care of little Anup in that regard, to which Anuj replies that he will take care of it but will not stop Anupama from achieving her dreams.

Meanwhile, Anupama performs pooja with her family and sings Aarti. She worries about little Anu who keeps yelling at her. The younger brother assures the younger brother that he is with him. Anupama prays to God to give her younger brother emotional strength and prosperity.

While performing pooja, a nail gets caught in Anupama’s saree pallu, causing her purse to fall out. He sees a picture of her and her younger brother returning with her belongings and says that Maya’s younger brother asked her not to leave him as Maya had done and that Anuja never left her.

Anupama Written Update Precap

Anupama Written Update Precap: Tears rolled down Pakhi’s face as she hugged Anupam tightly, seeking her mother’s comfort. Anupama’s concern for her daughter’s welfare was gently expressed by their beloved family member CA. Pakhi managed to nod, indicating that CA was indeed fine.

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